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How We Are Unique

Unlimited Potential differs from many organizations in that our focus is on the entire family. While parents are involved in enhancing their literacy and other skills, their children are engaged in programs that promote positive development. We are committed to the literacy and empowerment of the entire family.

Mom with Son

UP is further unique in that we are a bilingual program. Research demonstrates that people cannot learn a new language if they do not have a strong foundation in their native language. Therefore, all classes/programs promote English and affirm participantís native language and culture.

Educational approaches build on what participants know, encouraging them to bring their experiences to class. Education not only includes learning reading, writing and speaking English but cultivation of the life skills and positive sense of self necessary to successfully negotiate the world. Recognizing that a caring environment is integral to learning, we create a sense of belonging amongst participants and their families through weekend outings and community celebrations. These strategies prepare participants to secure gainful employment, to pursue academic goals, and to support their childrenís education. By strengthening families and fostering a sense of community, participants are further prepared to engage actively in their communities.

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