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Community Education Workshops

Educational workshops are provided in the evening to increase community members’ knowledge about topics they identify as necessary for personal empowerment and for them to build strong families. Topics can include health education, financial literacy, computer classes, alcohol and drug prevention education, and legal rights.

Motheread/Fatheread Program

BooksThis nationally recognized program builds parents' literacy skills and provides them with the confidence and resources to promote the joy of reading in their own children. Parents engage in reading multicultural children’s literature, in discussing stories, and in activities they can do at home with their children to promote reading and teach valuable life lessons. Parents receive a copy of the book used each week and are able to establish home libraries. They learn the importance of reading with their children and establish reading rituals in their home.

Abriendo Puertas: Desarrollando un Futuro Mejor/Opening Doors: Building a Better Future

This evidenced-based program is provided for parents of children ages 0-5. The program builds on many of the traditions and cultural values of Latino families. It promotes parenting, leadership, and advocacy skills. Weekly sessions examine children’s development, physical, emotional and social health, positive discipline strategies, school readiness, and community resources. Parents discuss how they can prepare their children for school and how they can participate in their children’s education outside of the home by attending school meetings, volunteering, and advocating for school policies and practices that meet their children’s educational needs.

Promotora/Adult Leadership Program

PromotorasThis year-round program builds on the leadership potential of the women and involves them as change agents in their community. The women dialogue and assess the strengths and challenges in their neighborhoods and engage in community action that fosters the healthy development of their children. For example, cognizant of the drug and alcohol dangers their children encounter, mothers are educating other families about the role they can play in protecting their children from the dangers of substance use. They are also engaged in promoting social bonding, healthy eating, exercise and overall wellness by providing educational workshops, walking groups and distributing health information in the community.

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