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Early Childhood Development Program

Childrens’ Lesson on the PlaygroundThis program is provided concurrently with the morning English as a second language classes. While mothers are learning their infants, toddlers, and preschool children are engaged in a structured curriculum that includes reading, art, music, and playtime.

Puzzle BoyThe program increases children’s physical, social, cognitive, and linguistic skills as well as their motivation and readiness to learn; children begin kindergarten with the skills necessary for academic success. Mothers learn from staff activities to do at home that promote positive development and parent/child time together is incorporated into programming.

Parents as Teachers

Is a proven effective in-home visitation program that strives to increase the likelihood of positive educational, health and life outcomes for children. Parent Educators go into the home and work with parents to create home environments and family interactions that promote the positive development of children ages 0-5. All children receive hearing, vision and developmental screenings to ensure their development is on track. As needed, parents are referred to community services/resources and parent child activities are tailored to promote the optimal development of each child. This early intervention program strives to prevent delays and ensure that children are prepared for kindergarten and future success.

Youth Development Program

During intersession youth whose parents are participating in the morning adult literacy classes are engaged in an integrated arts curriculum that promotes resilience. The curriculum includes collaborative endeavors that encourage cooperation and respect. Art and writing are used to build relationships and celebrate cultural strengths.

Story Sharing

Children who attend Unlimited Potential programs with their parents are engaged in story sharing. Adult facilitators read multicultural children’s books with youth and implement structured lesson plans. Youth participate in discussion and activities that foster creative thinking, problem solving skills, and literacy skills.

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