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Adult Literacy Classes

First Year ClassA two year English as a second language(ESL) program is provided from September through May. The first year ESL class engages participants in experiential activities that promote reading, writing, and verbal skills and builds life skills. Participants who complete the first year class move on to the second year ESL class in year two.

Second Year StudentsThis second year class is more advanced and builds vocabulary, comprehension, and verbal skills. Participants are prepared to continue their learning and/or to sustain gainful employment. Participants study U.S. history, learn about the democratic process, and are primed to take their citizenship exam. Both classes teach skills that parents need to negotiate their environment, support their children’s learning, and participate in their communities.

Evening English as a second language class is provided two days a week. Fathers and mothers who are unable to attend morning classes are able to improve their skills by studying functional English in the evenings.

Conversation English Class engages participants in verbally practicing English. The focus of this class is on vocabulary and building the confidence students need to succeed in every day interactions at work, school, and when communicating with doctors.

GEDGED Classes: General Education Development classes are provided throughout the year. Instruction is provided by certified teachers in the areas of mathematics, social studies, science, literature, and writing. Further, students complete practice tests, engage in homework, and receive tutoring to prepare them to pass the GED exam. We work with an authorized state tester who administers exams on site.

Continuing Education Program: Annually graduates from the second year English class are selected to participate in this scholarship/mentoring program. Ineligible for federal financial aid, they receive financial assistance that supports their education at the community college. Participants are paired with a mentor who supports the success of these first generation college students.

Tutoring in English and Spanish is provided in the afternoons for ESL and GED participants. Since priority for ESL classes is given to participants who have less than a 6th grade education, some students need extra assistance in mastering a new language. This often necessitates building a foundation of reading and writing in their first language. Additionally, tutoring is provided for GED students who need extra assistance to successfully obtain their GED certificates.

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